Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret Questions...

I got to check out my Verizon bill online today, and am faced with the need to "Update My Account" with a confirmation and additional "secret questions." You know the type: Used to be "Mother's maiden name?" but now can be a host of questions designed to personalize the questions and therefore make it more secure.

Some companies, like Verizon, seem to forget that the answers to these questions should be memorial, however.

I get to choose my questions:

What is the name of your first pet? I dunno. I was probably like 3 months old at the time.

What company did you first work for? As an adult? Does my paper route count? How about part time jobs?

What is the name of your first school? I dunno. My family (like many families) moved a lot.

What is the title of your favorite book? Pretty much whatever I'm reading at the moment. Not much help for a security question.

What is your favorite food? Better, but I really don't have one food I can choose. Let alone remember I chose it.

What is the last name of your best friend? Besides my wife? Or is my wife included?

Stupid questions. How am I supposed to know what to pick, let alone remember I picked it, just so Verizon can be sure that no one will get into my account. Hell, I can't get into my account!

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