Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dem popular vote numbers

I'm a solid Obama supporter, and hope that he'll win his second in a row today in Mississippi (looks good so far). But it is worth noting several things:

-Obama has a clear (greater than 500K) lead in the popular vote. This is without 4 states, of which Obama won three. With the eventual addition of those states, his popular vote lead will only increase.

-I've been asked by several people my thoughts on Michigan and Florida getting back into the game and having delegates count, either through some kind of self-financed voting scheme or some other negotiated method. My response: Too bad--let them sit it out. Think about it for a moment: These are two states who defied the DNC in order to make their delegates more relevant in the process by having their elections very early. Now that the process has passed them by, they want to negotiate, in order to have their delegates become relevant (!). If the DNC gives in to Michigan and Florida (and I've got no reason to think Howard Dean is enough of a hardass to hold the line) then they lose all control over the process, and states will do what they want, content that they can either force the issue or negotiate to get exactly what they want.

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