Monday, October 29, 2007

That's the (wrong) Ticket

Fearing Fear (Krugman)

I dunno who reads what I write, but I like to write and hope someone's reading. I also like to read and I like what Paul Krugman writes. He writes better than he talks though, cos I saw him on Real Time with Bill Maher a few weeks back and the much less informed and more hyperbolic (and annoying) Tucker Carlson talked circles around the flabbergasted brilliance of Mr. Krugman. He just doesn't talk fast enough.

Lest I digress.

What he writes here is what is real though, and I could not agree more. I hate how our Repulican administration and next crop of Presidential candidates continues to try to scare us into giving them (more and more) power. George needs more power to protect us, Rudy wants power and we'd be safest with him; Mitt wants the power and by god, he'll give it to us. Even on the Democrat side, I see Hillary broaching the fear of Iran issue to make her more electable to the general electorate. Ugh.

Of course we don't want Iran to be nuclear, but of course they are not going to create nuclear weapons and use them or sell them; it's suicide and they are not run by suicide bombers. But, that is what we are being led to believe. Might as well be in control of our fates rather than waiting for our fate to be controlled by the "Islamofascists." I think Podhoretz is more of a a fascist than our alleged "enemies."

I talk to my friends about who they are going to vote for. Some say Rudy because he is fiscally responsible and would not actually bomb anyone. Some say Rudy cos they are comfy with him as being the last semi-successful mayor of NYC. Some say Rudy cos they could never vote for Hillary, even though they cannot articulate why not. Some say Rudy cos he's a better candidate than Mitt or McCain or Huckabee.

I fear...I fear Rudy (and the other Repubs...).

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