Thursday, October 14, 2010

If President Obama was a Republican, and he proposed the exact same policies....

The Right would be hailing him as a model of a post-racial compassionate conservative, and:

-his healthcare plan would be lauded as a "commonsense, market-based solution."

-his educational policies would "reflect the reality that parental responsibility needs to replace expectations of entitlement."

-his shifting of troops and attention into Afghanistan would "continue the work to refine and learn from the lessons of the War on Terror that President Bush began."

-his decision to put the question of the future of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy to the military first rather than doing away with it by Executive Order "would demonstrate, again, his caution and procedural respect for the military."

-his work to support TARP despite the fact that it was extremely unpopular when passed would be a sign of courage and far-sightedness, and the fact that TARP will turn a profit for the government when all is said and done would be an indication of his being right despite the unwarranted criticisms;

-the inclusion of billions of dollars in tax breaks into the stimulus program and healthcare bills for nearly all small businesses would demonstrate his committment to those small businesses, who "are the economic engine of entrepreneurship and enterprise."

-his willingness to continue to reach across the political aisle despite getting his hand bitten off nearly every time merely reflects how shallow and un-ready to govern the other side really is.

-his amazing rhetorical ability would be sourced as coming from "both his ability to connect with ordinary folks, combined with the hard work necessary to convey difficult ideas in ways people of all political stripe can connect with."

-his continued insistence that, despite America's open hand to others, there is a distinct American exceptionalism that is both our birthright and our promise (and Obama's overseas speeches which continue to make this point time and time again) demonstrates "his commitment to our national identity and way of life."

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