Friday, March 19, 2010


Looks like a huge percentage of the money taken in by Sean Hannity's Freedom Concerts is going to---the Hannity's.

Where's the outrage on the right for such "Chicago-style" accounting?


Paul Stagg said...

Maybe becuase the allegations are untrue?

Fred said...

Maybe. But I'm always a little wary of responses like theirs which take great pains to answer allegations not being made, and skips over the ones that are.

The only thing that letter does is express their outrage. At being challenged, it seems.

Paul Stagg said...

The letter is pretty clear that Sean Hannity doesn't get a dime of the money they raise, and that he pays his own way.

I'm not much of a Hannity fan, but doesn't look to me like there's anything to the story.