Saturday, February 13, 2010

Texas and moving the goalposts

How Christian were the founders?

Using the yearly circus that is the Texas State Board of Education, Russell Shorto examines the basic underpinning of religious fundamentalism's basic thrust into politics: That the Founding Fathers were religious fundamentalists who founding this country as a "Christian Nation."

Of course, many of these people (like Don McLeroy in the article) will lie if they have to to get their bias into the curriculum. Like Christians in the Crusades, they can self-excuse virtually any non-Christian act so long as they sincerely believe they are doing it for Christian goals.

[As an aside, it struck me that beliefs and actions they take against evolution mimics to a T those same beliefs and actions with regard to global warming. Who needs science when you really, really believe you are right? Just call the other side "frauds" who are "only in it to make money" and you'll feel really good about your actions].

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