Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Credit card companies: Scum

Don't get me wrong: Credit cards can be good things. But anytime you get a company in the position of making easy money with the ability to change the rules at any time there is going to be rampant unethical behavior.

The stories are simply incredible. Seriously--take the worst credit card story you can imagine, and it has not only happened recently but happened many times across the country.

Now, some credit card companies, instead of holding you to the credit line, allow you to go over it without warning and increase your interest rate on top of a fee per month for each month you are over the limit.

I watched Maxed Out last week--this should be required viewing (I don't really mean that, but so many people are clueless about credit that you feel like there should be some simple test required).

And while I can do without his Biblical quote drop-ins, Dave Ramsey is pretty damn good if you are looking for a way out.

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