Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's always a little weird to me...

...when fictional television shows incorporate real life incidents into their shows. I suppose if it's something completely planet-altering like 9/11, that's one thing.

But this past week, Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows on TV, ended up investigating a series of murders that took place in Montana, in militia country. Of course militia members and government agents don't mix well, so it made for an interesting dichotomy when they had to work together to stop the killer.

During the climactic scene of the show, Special Agent David Rossi - the newest character on the show, and played by Joe Mantegna - admitted to one of the militia men that he was involved in Ruby Ridge *and* Waco. Now, while Waco was one of those things that caused a seismic shift, I'm not so sure Ruby Ridge was.

To those who know about it, it was definitely a turning point in how a lot of people felt about our government. But, if you took a poll, I'm pretty sure that most people you ask, aren't going to know what Ruby Ridge is.

So, it just struck me as odd that a show would incorporate one of its central characters into an event that probably isn't a blip on the radar for most people. Definitely a cool plot device as far as I'm concerned, but still, odd.

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JJ Honeycutt said...

Cool Plot devise? I thought it was shameful. The character said (in so many words) I would do it exactly the same way. We are talking about the Ruby Ridge Massacre here!

Hollywood should reconsider incorporating and interjecting preposterous suggestions that the federal government did not make one of the biggest mistakes in our country's history.